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textingwhiledriving Tell Them You Only Looked Down For A Second It happened just three days after Christmas 2012. Dulce Barajas, just 22 years old and... Read More
Loaders in modern storehouse Garcia, Ochoa and Mask can restore balance to your life after a forklift injury Carlos Rosales’ life would never be the same after that day on the jobsite back... Read More
Football Huddle Up for Sports Safety It’s almost football time again! Football brings communities together. It gives young men across the... Read More
tire_maintenance Tire Maintenance Saves Lives We entrust our lives to them every day. They’re responsible for taking us and our... Read More
traffic More Traffic, More Tragedy Traveling through South Texas used to mean long drives down one or more of the... Read More
lifted_truck Lifted Truck Case Settles A vehicle that’s been “lifted” can pose a special danger to the occupants of other... Read More
@RicardoAGarcia - We have THE BEST BOSSES EVER! Trust us. We're lawyers. Happy Bosses Day!!!!

11:24 AM Oct 16

@RicardoAGarcia - Marylou (Our clients call her mom) discusses our $4.5 Million Dollar Verdict with our marketing team. New videos...

07:01 AM Oct 03

@RicardoAGarcia - Jury finds Ford SUV roof defective, awards $4.5 million to widow, client of Garcia Ochoa Mask. #law #lawyer...

11:41 AM Sep 30

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